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How To Fix “ACTION REQUIRED” For Instagram


When you’re using SuSocial to manage Instagram accounts, the “Action Required” message can be a bit tricky. Whether it shows up suddenly or while you’re working, it’s not something you want. This article is here to help you out. We’ve made a short guide to fix the “Action Required” issue on Instagram and stop it from happening again. We’ll explain why it shows up and give you simple ways to solve it quickly. Plus, we’ll share some tips to prevent it in the future. Keep reading to make your SuSocial experience even smoother!

Why Am I Receiving the ‘ACTION REQUIRED’ status?

The ‘ACTION REQUIRED’ alert can show up for a few reasons. Sometimes, if Instagram sees many logins on your account, it might appear. Also, if there are strange things happening on your account, like activities you don’t usually do, this alert could come up too. Instagram uses these alerts to keep your account safe from any unusual or unauthorized stuff.

How To Fix the “ACTION REQUIRED” issue

The problem might occur in both the Main Account (the account you want to grow) and the Scraper Account. We will guide you through fixing it in both situations.

Here’s the important thing to know: using scrapers is a big suggestion. Without them, the issue will keep happening even if you try different fixes. Nothing will really stop this issue from coming up on your main account(s).

Begin by setting up the scraper method as your first step. Follow the steps provided in the guide below to configure the scraper method:

Instagram – Tagname Scraping Method

To manually resolve the ‘ACTION REQUIRED’ problem on your accounts, you can follow these steps:

1- Log out of your account on your phone or any other device it’s logged into.

2- Next, try clicking the VERIFY ACCOUNT button to check if your account becomes VALID again.

3- If the issue persists, go to SOCIAL PROFILES, choose your account, and click on ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES. Then click MARK AS VALID.

4- Right after, click ACTIONS ON SELECTED PROFILES again, and choose RE-LOGIN ACCOUNTS. Wait for your account to finish the re-login process.

If you keep getting the issue, please click Actions > Edit next to that account from the SOCIAL PROFILES view and scroll down, check the option “Show advanced profile settings”.

Scroll down and reset the device ID, then try again.

NOTE: Please don’t reset the device ID multiple times as that may get your account blocked or banned.

To automatically fix the ACTION REQUIRED issue on your accounts, please go to the SETTINGS > Social Platforms > Instagram > Automatic Actions tab and check the option below:

How to avoid/reduce this issue from happening in my Scraper accounts?

To prevent this problem with your Scraper accounts, we suggest using API limits and adding delays. This way, your accounts won’t make too many API calls too quickly. Check out the article below to understand more about API limits and delays:

Using API Limits and Delays for Instagram

Keep Your Scrapers Running Forever: A Beginner’s Guide


Using SuSocial for Instagram management becomes smoother when you understand how to fix some unexpected errors, the “Action Required” issue is one of these errors. You can fix and prevent it, whether it’s your main or scraper account. and there are ways to fix the issue manually or automatically. For scraper accounts, using API limits and delays is smart. With these steps, your SuSocial experience will be even better.

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