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How To Enable External App Password For Mail.ru (BK.ru, index.ru, List.ru)


Ensuring the security and verification of Instagram/Twitter accounts is essential in today’s digital landscape. To simplify the process and save time, the SuSocial tool offers an automated solution through IMAP/POP3 integration and the activation of external app passwords. By enabling this feature, SuSocial allows users to automatically verify email addresses for Instagram/Twitter accounts without manual intervention.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps of enabling external app passwords for Mail.ru accounts, providing a streamlined method for automating email verification on Instagram/Twitter. By harnessing the power of SuSocial, you can enhance the security of your Instagram/Twitter profiles efficiently, freeing up valuable time for other important tasks.

Let’s explore the process of configuring external app passwords.

How to Enable External App Password

To begin, it’s essential to ensure that your account is verified with a phone number. To check this, kindly visit the following URL: https://account.mail.ru/security.

Without verification, you won’t be able to generate an external app password.

After successfully verifying your account with a phone number, you can proceed with the creation of an external app password by following the steps outlined below:

1 – Open your inbox and click on SETTINGS.

2 – Click on All Settings.

3 – Click on Security.

4- Click on Password For External Applications.

5 – Click on Add.

6 – Now, type any name for the external app password, and click Continue.

7 – Type your email password, and click Continue.

8 – Once you type your email password, an external app password will be generated.

9 – Next, navigate to SuSocial and input the generated password in the “Password” field within the “Email Validation” tab. Remember to enter your email address in the “Email/Username” field. For the “IMAP/POP3 server” field, input “imap.mail.ru“. Once done, click on the “Test IMAP/POP3” button. If successful, you will receive a “VALID” pop-up notification, as shown below.


In conclusion, SuSocial offers a streamlined solution for automating email verification on Instagram. By enabling external app passwords and integrating IMAP/POP3, SuSocial enhances account security and saves valuable time. Simply follow the provided steps to ensure account verification, generate an app password, and seamlessly integrate it within SuSocial. Experience efficient email validation with SuSocial and focus on other important tasks with peace of mind.

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