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How to send emails using SuSocial


In a world driven by digital communication, staying connected through emails is essential. With SuSocial, you can effortlessly manage multiple email accounts from a single platform. Add your email accounts, and you’re ready to start sending messages without the hassle of switching between different platforms or devices.

How To Start Sending Emails Using SuSocial

The first thing you should do to start sending emails is to add your email account to SuSocial.

How To Add An Email Profile In SuSocial

To start, navigate to the Social Profiles section and select “Add profile”. Then, choose the Email platform from the list of options.

The Email profile will be utilized to send emails to all platforms that accept posts via email. This profile can be linked to any email account that allows SMTP posting. While Gmail is the default option, you can also use other email providers such as cPanel or any other provider you prefer. Here’s an example of what the Email profile looks like:

You need to input the following details in the Email profile:

  • Choose a name for your email for better identification.
  • Add a description for your email (optional).
  • A tag (optional) to differentiate between multiple email profiles.
  • Your email username.
  • The email that you want to use as the “From” address (optional).
  • The name that will be displayed as the “From” name (it is recommended to add a name).
  • Your email password.
  • SMTP server and port – if you are using Gmail, leave it as default. If you’re using a different email service, you can customize it.

Once you have entered all the details, click on the “Verify Account” button. If everything is set up correctly, you will see a “VALID” status, similar to the image shown above.

How to Add the Targeted Email Addresses

To add the emails you want to send a message to, please click on your email account in the Social Profiles view and click on your email account. In the Pages section, add the desired email addresses by clicking the ADD OTHER PAGE button, and they will be added to the list..

For bulk addition of target emails, utilize the IMPORT OTHER PAGES function to import multiple addresses simultaneously.

Adding Your Message to Send

First, you need to create a campaign. Then, proceed to the What To Publish tab and select ADD POSTS. Input your text email and title, and click the ADD TO POST LIST button.

Sending the Email

Prior to sending the email, you must select the targeted emails. To accomplish this, access the Where To Where tab, choose your email account, and click X/X SELECTED to choose the relevant email

Next, proceed to the Overview tab and start the campaign.

Once the tool successfully publishes the post, it indicates that your messages have been sent successfully.


In conclusion, SuSocial offers a convenient solution for managing multiple email accounts from a single platform. By adding your email accounts to SuSocial, you can send messages without the need to switch between different platforms or devices. The process starts by adding an email profile, where you input details such as your email username, password, SMTP server, and port. Once the account is verified, you can proceed to add targeted email addresses individually or in bulk. Creating a campaign allows you to input your text email and title, and selecting the targeted emails is done through the Where To Where tab. Finally, you can start the campaign and SuSocial will handle the process of sending your emails. With SuSocial, staying connected through emails becomes effortless, making it a valuable tool for efficient communication in the digital age.

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