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How to Fix “CLR Error” or “Browser Fatal Error”


We’ll discuss in this guide how to fix the CLR or Browser Fatal Error that you may encounter in Su Social. Note that you may also encounter the same error code for other applications/programs but this guide only encompasses the solution for the Su Social application.

CLR Error or Browser Fatal Error

This error can be encountered by those who mainly use the embedded browser for their actions in Su Social. You may get this error when your VPS/PC is running low on RAM, or the CPU is overused.

Go to Settings > Embedded Browser tab and reduce the number of Primary EBs to 6 and see if that helps. If it does you can then increase it to 8 and see if that helps and then increase it again until you find the maximum number of Embedded Browsers your VPS/PC can handle at the same time without giving you this error.
Note that this solution (reducing the number of primary EBs) might reduce the number of actions you do per day and you may not reach your limits, otherwise, you can try upgrading your RAM and CPU.


Encountering CLR or Browser Fatal Errors in Su Social can be frustrating, but there are solutions available to resolve the issue. By reducing the number of Primary Embedded Browsers (EBs) in the Settings menu, you can potentially alleviate the error. It’s important to note that reducing the number of primary EBs may limit the number of actions you can perform each day. If this solution is not sufficient, upgrading your RAM and CPU could be another viable option to prevent these errors from occurring.

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