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The Quora Answers Tool


As you may already be aware, Quora is a social platform where users can ask and answer questions. By posting questions, providing answers, and upvoting responses, users can engage with one another. If used effectively, this platform can be used to increase traffic to your website.

The purpose of the Quora Answers Tool is to assist you in finding and extracting questions and automatically publishing your responses. Afterward, you can utilize the Upvote tool to send your answers to your other accounts for upvoting, which can assist in increasing the visibility and popularity of your Quora account.

How to access the Answers tool?

Just click on your Quora account on the TOOLS view then click on the Answers tool from the list of tools we have for Quora accounts.

The Answers tool has three essential tabs that we will discover below to show you how the tool works.

Extract Questions Tab

This tab allows you to extract the questions that the Answer tool will be answering.

  1. Input your keywords separated by commas in the designated field.
  2. Negative keywords can also be added in the corresponding text box.
  3. Determine the length of time you want Su Social to scroll down the search page, as a longer downtime will result in more extracted results.
  4. Specify the number of questions you wish to extract per keyword.
  5. Initiate the extraction process by clicking the Extract Questions button.
  6. To stop the extraction, click on the Stop Ongoing Extractions button.
  7. All extracted questions will be listed in the table as indicated above, allowing you to choose which questions you wish to answer. You may select specific questions or choose all of them by clicking Select All.
  8. Finally, click Send To Use Questions to proceed with the extracted questions.

Use Questions Tab

This tab will contain a table where questions you sent from the Extract Questions tab. From here, you can set the answers that you wish to add for each question.

  1. the link column provides access to the extracted questions by clicking on it and opening the link in an external browser. This allows you to read the entire question along with all the previously posted answers.
  2. The Question column displays the posted question.
  3. The Keyword column indicates the keyword used in the search for the extracted question.
  4. The #Answers column displays the number of answers you have contributed to that particular question.
  5. You can perform various actions on the questions in this table such as copying, deleting, adding or removing answers.
    📌 To add the answers to the questions, click on the ADD ANSWERS button below the Actions column. This will launch a new window where you can add your answer. When adding answers, you can use a spintax as well as add an emoji.
  6. To send your answers, first, select the questions and then click on the SEND TO ANSWER button.
  7. If you prefer to add a question manually, you can click on the ADD QUESTIONS BY URL button, where you can input the URL of the question and add your answers to the table before sending them all together.
  8. If you wish to create your own question, simply click on the CREATE QUESTION button, type in your question, and add your answers to the table.
  9. To add multiple answers to all unanswered questions, click on the ADD ANSWERS TO ALL THE EMPTY QUESTIONS button.
  10. Lastly, if you want to export all results, click on EXPORT ALL to create a .csv file or you can export all from multiple accounts using the button EXPORT ALL FROM SELECTED ACCOUNTS. If you have your own list of questions to import, use the IMPORT function, making sure to use the correct file format by exporting all, replacing the values, saving the file, and importing it to Su Social.

Answers Tab

The Answers tab is the tab where you can finally start the tool to execute the actions and start answering the questions you extracted with the answers you set in the previous tab.

Run Timers and Settings Section:

  1. This option allows you to set a delay between each new operation
  2. This option allows you to set how many answers to execute on each operation, how many per question, and how many to do in total per day.
  3. This option allows you to add some sleep time between actions and operations. You can randomize the actions by adding a sleep between X – Y minutes after posting between X-Y answers on the same questions OR to sleep between X – Y minutes after answering between X-Y questions with the same account.
  4. This option is useful if you want to send the answers to the Upvote tool.
  5. These run timers are reserved for creating questions. It allows you to set a delay between each create question operation as well as the maximum number of questions that will be created per day.
  6. Select the hours and the days when the tool will operate. You can add random intervals and randomize intervals daily for the tool to execute at different or random times.
  7. When you want to hide your account username you can use the option to add question anonymously.

Accounts to use for answers Section:

In this section, you will be able to see all the Quora accounts you added to Su Social listed on the Table as indicated above. And from that table you can select the accounts you want to use to answer the questions you extracted.

Results Section:

In this section, you will find all the actions that the tool executed recorded in the table of the results along with some useful options and information.

  • Link Column – Question link
  • Question column – The actual question
  • FINALIZED – will have a value of TRUE if the answer is added successfully.
  • The ACTIONS column – has the important Select button Which you can use to see the answers you added to that question in the ANSWERS FOR SELECTED QUESTIONS Table.
  • In the ANSWERS FOR SELECTED QUESTIONS table, you have the Upvote tool button,  you can click the Send To Upvote to do that. This is quite handy in case you prefer to select the answers you wish to send to the Upvote tool.


In conclusion, the Answers tool is a very useful tool if you want to automate the process of finding questions and adding answers, it’s also useful as it has a feature that allows you to automatically send your answers to the upvote tool which can be helpful to boost your answer and make it rank faster.

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