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The Friends Backup Tool


Having your account locked on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook, is a common occurrence. With the numerous activities that you carry out on your account, it’s only a matter of time before you run into an issue that requires you to answer security questions in order to regain access to your account.

The Backup tool offered by SU Social is specifically designed for Facebook and serves the purpose of creating a backup of both your profile image and the images of your friends. This backup can then be utilized to unlock your account in the event that it becomes locked.

How to access the Backup tool

1. To start using the Backup tool you need to go to the Tools view

2. Then either click the Facebook account where you wish to run the tool on

3. Or click the MORE TOOLS action link and go to the Backup tab.

How to set-up the Backup tool

The Backup tool provided by SU Social can only be utilized on Facebook accounts that display a “Valid” status within the Social Profiles feature and have not yet been locked. Therefore, it is recommended that you run the Backup tool as soon as possible after adding and verifying your Facebook account in SU Social..

The tool has 4 main sections: Run Timers, Backup Settings, Profile Image and the Friends Images table.

Run Timers  section:

  1. Just like all the other tools, you need to set the interval or the time the tool will wait before starting a new operation; the number will be randomly selected between X-Y that you’ve specified in this setting.
  2. Select the number of friends you want to backup on each operation; the number will be randomly selected between X-Y that you’ve specified in this setting.
  3. Choose the in-between hours or time of day when the tool will execute actions on your account.
  4. Pick the days when you want to run the tool on your account.  You can opt to rotate the days and exclude weekends in the process.

💡 SU Social operates on a rotating schedule, and on designated days it will choose an equal number of days to the number you originally selected. The selection process is random and you have the option to exclude weekends from the rotation if you prefer not to perform a Backup on Saturdays and Sundays.

Backup Settings section:

5. You can set the tool to refresh X number of friends’ images daily.

Profile Image section:

1. In this section, you will be able to see your profile image and use it when Facebook requires it to unlock your account. By default, the profile image of the account is updated every 3 days but should you want to do it instantly, you can click on the ‘Update Now’ action link.

2. You can choose to ‘Skip Friends Backup’ in case you only want to run the tool on the profile image of the account.

📌 If the option “Skip Friends Backup” is checked, the tool will only backup the profile image and options 1 and 2 from the RUN TIMERS section will be hidden.

Friends Images Table section:

  • On top of the table, you will see the total amount of backed up images.
  • You can set the tool to show only friends with images;
  • Uncheck the option Show the images to hide all your friends’ images till you need to unlock the account then you can check it again;
  • Use the Filter to search manually for specific friends;
  • EXTRACT NAMES SET will be used to unlock your account (see instructions below);
  • Click on EXPORT to export all your friends to a file or click on DELETE ALL to delete all your backed-up friends from the tool;
  • Click SHOW IMAGES IN EXTERNAL APPLICATION to open the images of the extracted names set in an external photo application.

How the Backup tool works:

The Backup tool will access each of your friend’s profiles and take a screenshot of their Photos tab. This way, in the event that Facebook locks your account and requests verification through image recognition, you will have a record of some images that may prove useful in identifying your friends.

What you need to do:

  1. To start unlocking your account, open the embedded browser of the account and Facebook will show you images that belong to one of your friends and several names to choose from
  2. Leave the Embedded Browser open and go back to SU Social then click on EXTRACT NAMES SET 1, see the images and decide what is the name of the friend that Facebook is showing based on the image
  3. Go back to the Embedded Browser and select the name of your friend then click next. Do the same for the remaining questions

💡 Usually, Facebook requires to guess 5 out of 7 friends’ names correctly (you can skip 2 friends). Make sure to always click the EXTRACT NAMES SET number that corresponds to the names set Facebook is asking for.


In short, SU Social‘s Backup tool is a useful tool for Facebook users to backup their profile image and their friends’ images, which can be used to unlock their account in case it gets locked. The tool is easy to access and set-up and has various sections, including Run Timers, Backup Settings, Profile Image, and Friends Images table, where users can choose to run the tool on certain days and times, set the number of friends to backup, and see the total amount of backed up images. The tool works by taking a screenshot of each friend’s profile, and when Facebook asks for image recognition, users can use the extracted names set to identify their friends. With the Backup tool, users can have peace of mind knowing that they have a backup plan in case their account gets locked.

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