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The Computer That You Are Using Is Blacklisted

Encountering an error message stating that your computer has been blacklisted while trying to access your SUSOCIAL account can be frustrating. This error occurs when you log in from a computer that has been previously added to your blacklist under the “Account > Licenses” tab. However, there’s an easy solution to whitelist your computer and regain access. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to whitelist your computer and troubleshoot this issue effectively. We’ll also address the importance of safeguarding your account and offer tips on changing your password to protect against unauthorized access.

If you encounter the following error message while attempting to access your SUSOCIAL account login:

The computer you are using has been blacklisted, preventing you from connecting to your SUSOCIAL account.

Please refer to the accompanying screenshot for reference.

This occurs when you attempt to log in to your SUSOCIAL account from a computer that you have previously added to your blacklist under the “Account > Licenses” tab.

So, if you want to whitelist it. All you have to do is:

  1. Log into your SUSOCIAL account on the web (https://account.susocial.com)
  2. Go to Licenses
  3. Uncheck the box under the Blacklist column for your computer

And that’s it, you should be able to login to your SUSOCIAL from your computer after doing so.

If your computer is frequently being blacklisted and you are not responsible for it, it indicates that someone else has gained access to your SUSOCIAL account. In order to safeguard against any manipulation of your blacklisted computers list or similar activities, it is advised that you change your account password promptly. To learn how to change your password, please refer to the guide on “How Can I Change My Password?”.

The Blacklist feature proves beneficial in situations where you are unable to physically access your PC but need to halt SuSocial’s actions. By accessing your SUSOCIAL account online, you can conveniently blacklist your computer. When you are near your PC again, you can easily whitelist it and proceed with the desired modifications.

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