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Rediffmail 2-Factor Authentication


Strengthening online account security, and two-step verification, commonly known as two-factor authentication (2FA), is a robust safeguard. This security measure mandates users to provide two separate authentication factors, such as a password paired with a unique code or physical device, thereby substantially minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Rediffmail 2-Factor Authentication

Open your Rediffmail account, click on Settings > Account Info then select Two Factor Authentication.

Just toggle the switch to enable POP/SMTP Access.

Rediffmail will let you know it’s enabled.

Every time you sign in to an app, another website, or even the Rediffmail website using your Reddifmail credentials, you will additionally be prompted via SMS to confirm that you are the one attempting to access the account.


By adding an extra layer of security, it effectively mitigates the vulnerabilities associated with weak passwords and protects against automated attacks, phishing attempts, and unauthorized entry. Enabling 2FA is straightforward and widely embraced by leading online platforms, allowing users to enhance the security of their accounts by selecting the most suitable second factor for authentication.

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