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Google 2-Step Verification


Two-step verification (2SV), also known as two-factor authentication (2FA), is a robust security measure that strengthens online account protection. By requiring users to provide two different authentication factors, such as a password and a unique code or physical device, 2FA effectively reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

This additional layer of security helps mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with weak passwords, and safeguards against automated attacks, phishing attempts, and unauthorized entry. Implementing 2FA is straightforward and widely supported by popular online services, enabling users to enhance their account security by choosing the most convenient second factor for authentication.

Google 2-step verification

Google requires you to set up 2-Step Verification first before you can generate app passwords.  Go to https://myaccount.google.com/security and sign in with your Google credentials. You will then see that 2-Step Verification is off so click on the arrow.

The next page will have a brief explainer on why 2SV is important. Click Get Started.

In some cases, you may be asked to enter your password again.

Enter your phone number and choose whether to get the code by text or call, click NEXT.

Type the code you received, and click NEXT.

Select TURN ON.

You will be routed to the Security menu again but you’ll see this time that 2SV has been switched on.

You will receive an additional prompt via SMS or it will ask you to confirm the log in via your trusted device whenever you sign in to apps/other sites using your Google credentials or even the Google website in order to verify that you are the one attempting to access the account.


Popular online services, such as email providers, social media platforms, and financial institutions, support two-step verification widely and can be implemented fairly easily. Even if a hacker is successful in obtaining a user’s password, they would still need to physically possess the second factor or be aware of the specific temporary code in order to enter. This adds an essential layer of security and drastically lowers the possibility of successful account breaches.

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