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Instagram – Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a form of multi-factor authentication available on various social media platforms, including Instagram. By using this extra layer of security, you can have greater confidence that your account will remain inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Once you have activated this additional security feature on your account, you must enter a login code to verify your login attempt when accessing your account from an unrecognized device by Instagram.

How To Enable 2FA On SuSocial

To activate this feature for an account you already added to SuSocial, navigate to the SOCIAL PROFILES view and click on the account. From there, go to the “Two Factor Authentication” tab.

  1. Add a phone number you want to use for 2FA to the “Phone Number” field and click the “Request Two Factor SMS” button. Instagram will send a code to the number specified.
  2. Once you receive the code, add it to the “SMS” field, then click the “Enable Two Factor SMS” button.

💡 To verify that 2FA has been successfully enabled in SuSocial, you should see a message confirming that “Two Factor authentication is enabled on this account,” along with the availability of Backup Codes (as shown in the image below).

How To Disable 2FA in SuSocial

If you have previously enabled 2FA and want to turn it off, you can do so by going to the SOCIAL PROFILES view, selecting the relevant account, and accessing the “Two Factor Authentication” tab. From there, click on the “Disable Two Factor Authentication” button.

💡 Please note that this feature will only work on accounts having VALID statuses in the SOCIAL PROFILES view.

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