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The Unfollow Tool


It’s important to acknowledge the limitations set by social networks and abide by them. Each platform has its own restrictions on the maximum number of followings an account can have. Once you reach the limit, you will be unable to follow additional users unless you begin unfollowing some of your previous follows.

Thankfully, SU Social‘s Unfollow tool is here to simplify your life by taking care of the unfollowing process for you. Whether you’ve reached the maximum number of followings or simply wish to maintain a balanced ratio of total followings and followers for added credibility, the Unfollow tool can efficiently handle the task for you.

How to access the Unfollow tool

The Unfollow tool is available on all platforms that support the Follow tool, including Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, and Pinterest. To utilize this feature, navigate to the Tools section, select the desired account, or alternatively, select the “More Tools” action.

For Instagram, we have this detailed guide about the Unfollow tool.

The Unfollow tool is intuitive and straightforward to both set up and comprehend. Its sole tab encompasses all necessary settings and is divided into 4 sections, providing you with complete control over the tool’s performance. You can determine the number of users to unfollow, choose who to unfollow, and more.

Run Timers

  1. Unfollow items after a minimum of X days after SU Social has followed them
  2. The interval time before a new operation starts
  3. How many users/boards will be unfollowed for each operation
  4. The time of day when SU Social will unfollow users
  5. You can choose to set a random sleep time wherein the tool is going take a rest from executing the unfollow action before starting a new operation
  6. Days of the week when the tool will operate; you can rotate the days when the tool will execute the unfollow actions

✅ On rotating days, SU Social would pick the equivalent number of days you have initially selected; the selection is random and you have the option to exclude weekends in the variation in case you don’t want to unfollow on Saturdays and Sundays.

Unfollow Limits

  1. Maximum number of users/boards to be unfollowed per day; SU Social will pick a random number from the X-Y maximum unfollows you have configured and use that as the limit for a particular day.
  2. Maximum number of users/boards to be unfollowed per hour; SU Social will pick a random number from the X-Y maximum unfollows you have configured and use that as the limit for a particular hour.
  3.  Enable automatic follow/unfollow option is very useful when you want to maintain a balance between your followers and followings; this will let you run the follow and unfollow tool interchangeably by automatically stopping and starting whichever tool depending on the condition you set in the said option (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest).

User Filters (Twitter, Quora, Tumblr, Youtube, and Pinterest)

  1. Do not unfollow followers – use this option to avoid unfollowing the users who followed you back.
  2. Delay Unfollow for followers – use this option if you do not want to unfollow the users straight away, and unfollow them only after X days have passed since you followed them.
  3. User has a follow ratio (followers/following) greater than / User has a follow ratio (followers/following) smaller than – Unfollowing users based on their follow ratio can be achieved by utilizing these 2 filters. This technique proves to be beneficial when aiming to eliminate doubt-provoking accounts.The follow ratio is calculated by dividing the number of followers an account has by the number of people they follow. For instance, if Account A has 2000 followers and follows 4000 accounts, the follow ratio would be computed as 2000/4000 = 0.5, resulting in a follow ratio of 0.5 for Account A.
  4. User has a number of followers/followings in a specific range – use this option if you want to unfollow users with a specific number of followers and followings.
  5. Use whitelist – If you don’t want to unfollow certain users, you can include their usernames in the whitelist option and SU Social will not carry out the unfollow action on them.
  6. Do not unfollow active users – you can use this option if you do not want to unfollow users who posted within the last X days.

💡 Good to know:

  • By default, SU Social will only unfollow those that have been followed by the software, this refers to those users listed in the Follow Results tab.  That being said, should you wish to unfollow users that were followed manually or outside of SU Social via different software, you will need to import those users first through the Follow tool – Results tab.
  • For Instagram, there is an option in the Unfollow Settings that will enable you to unfollow those that you followed manually or outside SU Social.

Other Options

  • Suspend when temporary blocked – as seen from the tooltip, you can use this option if you want to suspend the tool for x-y minutes when get blocked

📌 While there is no Results tab for the Unfollow tool, you can easily check which users have been unfollowed by heading to the Results tab of the Follow tool, on the Results table, check the corresponding value in the #UNFOLLOWED column.  If it is Yes, that means that the user from that particular row has been unfollowed.


In short, SU Social‘s Unfollow tool offers a solution for social media users who have reached their following limit or wish to maintain a balanced ratio of followings and followers. The tool is available on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and provides users with complete control over the unfollowing process.

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