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The Follow Back Tool


Many users on various social media platforms find it delightful when their efforts are reciprocated. Returning the gesture by following them back is an excellent way to show appreciation, and SU Social‘s Follow Back feature is an ideal solution to achieve this.

Reciprocating a follow from your target audience on social media can enhance your brand image, product, or service, fostering a stronger connection with them. With SU Social‘s Follow Back tool, you can effortlessly follow back users on your Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, streamlining the process and creating a more positive image for your brand.

How to access the Follow Back tool

To start using the Follow Back tool, go to the TOOLS section, click on your profile and go to the Follow Back tool or click MORE TOOLS then go to Follow Back tab.


Configuring the Follow Back tool is like a walk in the park, it’s very simple and you can set it up in less than a minute or so.

  1. Set the interval that the tool will wait before a new operation starts.  The amount of time it would wait is randomly selected between X-Y minutes that you have specified.
  2. Select the number of users that the tool will process and follow for each operation.  Again, the number is randomly selected from X-Y that you’ve indicated.
  3. Check this option to send the users to the Follow tool’s Extracted Users tab so that the Follow tool filters will apply once you run the Follow tool.
  4. The number of users you followed back will show up here.

📌 Under the Settings area, you’ll see the total number of people that the tool has followed back and you will see them recorded in the Follow Results tab.

💡 Tips:

  • As much as possible, do not use aggressive settings to keep your account safe and sound.
  • Combining the Like, Comment and Follow Back tool, can help build rapport with your target audience.


In short, the Follow Back feature on SU Social is an excellent solution for social media users to reciprocate follows and show appreciation for their target audience. By effortlessly following back users on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, users can foster a stronger connection with their audience, which can enhance their brand image, product, or service. Setting up and configuring the Follow Back tool is straightforward, and users can customize it to fit their preferences. Combining the Like, Comment, and Follow Back tool can also help build rapport with the target audience. Overall, the Follow Back tool is a useful feature for social media users looking to establish a more positive image for their brand.

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