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Mail.ru 2-Factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication (2FA), is a strong security measure that improves online account protection. This effectively lowers the risk of unauthorized access by requiring users to provide two different authentication factors, such as a password and a special code or physical device.

Mail.ru 2-Factor Authentication

Go to https://e.mail.ru/settings/ and navigate to the Safety tab then select External Services.

There is a short description of what 2FA is, click Connect.

Select the phone number which will receive the SMS code and click Continue. Make sure you have added verified a phone number first via https://id.mail.ru/contacts

Once you receive the code, enter it in the field text box and follow the succeeding steps. After which, it should show you that 2FA has been successfully activated for the account. After which, every time you use your mail.ru login credentials to access an app, another website, or even the mail.ru website, you will also receive an SMS asking you to verify that you are the one trying to access the account.


Two-factor authentication effectively reduces the vulnerabilities brought on by using weak passwords and guards against automated attacks, phishing attempts, and unauthorized entry by adding an additional layer of security. Leading online platforms have widely adopted 2FA, which is simple to enable and enables users to improve the security of their accounts by choosing the best second factor for authentication.

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