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How To Access Your VPS From An Android Device


Utilizing your Windows VPS from your mobile device offers great convenience in managing Su Social and various other tasks. We have previously illustrated how to access your VPS from iOS devices, and now we will walk you through connecting to your VPS using an Android phone or tablet with a remote desktop app. In just a few straightforward steps, you can efficiently connect to your VPS anytime, anywhere.

How to access your VPS with an Android device?

1. Obtain a Remote Desktop App

You have the option to buy a Remote Desktop Program client for your Android device or download a complimentary app from the Google Play Store. You’ll find multiple apps, such as the Microsoft Remote Desktop App, which we’ll use for this tutorial.

2. Once you download and install the app, you’ll be directed to the User Agreement screen; tap the Accept button.

3. You can then start creating your connection by tapping the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choosing Add PC.

4. At this point, you must input your VPS information (IP and Username) into the specified fields.

➡ PC Name – enter your VPS IP here.

User name – either enter the username each time you connect or tap the drop-down arrow and choose the Add user account option. The latter is highly recommended to avoid entering the username each time you connect to your VPS.

➡ After selecting Add user account, you’ll be asked to input your VPS username and password. Provide the necessary credentials and tap Save.

💡 The default username for most VPS is Administrator unless you have modified it.

5. Tap Save, and you will return to the PCs selection area.

6. With your connection created, connect to your VPS by tapping the newly established connection. The remote connection initiation screen will appear.


7. Once the connection to your VPS is completed, you can now access Su Social. Choose between dragging the mouse pointer (boxed in red) or using touch mode for greater convenience.

💡 To activate Touch mode, tap the remote desktop logo on the top center (refer to the image above). You will then be redirected to a window where you have more options such as navigating to home, the touch icon, and the mouse pointer. Select the touch icon boxed in red.

💡 To revert to Mouse Pointer mode, tap the corresponding mouse icon.

💡 To disconnect from your VPS, tap the X in the small VPS window at the upper left corner of the screen.

8. As a final step, add the remote desktop icon to your device’s home screen for easy access, and launch it whenever you need to check your VPS. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to access your VPS.


By adhering to the steps in this article, you can effortlessly connect to your VPS using your Android phone or tablet, offering the flexibility and convenience needed for on-the-go VPS management. Keep in mind that a stable internet connection is required to access your VPS. Simply download the remote desktop app, follow these instructions, and you’ll be connected to your VPS in no time!

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